Pour a drink, light a fire and turn the page. I have a story to tell.
- Keith McCafferty in序言冷酷的河流

… everybody needs something to live for, whether it’s a martini at six o’clock or one true sentence at ten.
— observation of a character in冷酷的河流

自从出版以来The Royal Wulff Murders2012年,Steve McCafeerty已成为我最喜欢的飞钓神秘作家。和冷酷的河流,他最常见的六本书在Sean Stranahan系列中,是他的最佳 - 到目前为止,到目前为止。

The reason is that it’s a fictional murder mystery wrapped around the treasure chest of a literary mystery involving one of America’s great writers. Considering that literature and fly fishing are two of my enduring passions, McCafferty had me — hook, line and sinker — from first page to last.

The novel’s title will tip off most readers to the writer’s identity because it’s a pun on one of his best stories —Big Two-Hearted River。Yes, it’s none other than Ernest Hemingway — the grandiosely bearded Papa of American letters and macho puffery who confined his flamboyant anima to the closet.

Keith McCafferty with Steelhead

Keith McCafferty with Steelhead


两者都与Upstate Michigan共享连接。海明威在那里度过了他青年的夏天。该地区为一些尼克亚当斯故事以及他的第一部小说提供了设置Torrents of Spring

Similarly, McCafferty spent his youthful summers there, vacationing from Ohio with his family. It’s where he learned to fly fish. He recalls one memorable summer in a recent字段和流文章 -祝树:飞钓密歇根州的互惠河。It’s a lovely reminiscence of the state’s Holy Water. Some of McCafferty’s personal story, which transpired one summer when he was 20 and working on stream restoration, is given fictional shape in冷酷的河流

由于这是一个个人博客,我将转向叙述路径来触及几件事。首先,我是一个巨大的粉丝一些大道的工作,但不是全部。我喜欢他的许多故事,特别是在密歇根州那里举办的故事,此外太阳也升起,老人和大海可移动的盛宴。The rest leaves me unaffected.

由于文学和飞行钓鱼的原因,我在Upstate Michigan也有激情的兴趣。迟到,吉姆哈里森,我之一非常最喜欢的作者,出生并在那里繁殖。另一个最喜欢的作家(和哈里森的亲密朋友),Tom McGuane,有与密歇根州的联系。我也喜欢史蒂夫汉密尔顿和约瑟夫·赫伍德的奥秘。最后,伟大的苍蝇钓鱼家罗伯特跑步(一对经典作者(疯狂疯狂鳟鱼魔术)住在那里。

I love bamboo fly rods and a disproportionate number of 20th century master builders called Michigan home. Finally, one of the classic American trout flies, the Adams, was designed there in 1922 by Leonard Halladay for his friend Charles Adams. The Adams remains one of the most popular, versatile and effective dry flies.


McCafferty knew the famous writer’s oldest son, the late Jack Hemingway (a better angler than his old man), for more than three decades, dating back to when both were contributing editors for字段和流。McCafferty仍然是杂志的生存和户外技能编辑。

In his Preface, McCafferty tells of a ‘blustery November day’ when the two were steelhead fishing on a stretch of British Columbia’s Thompson River known as the Graveyard. That’s when Hemingway first told McCafferty the story of his father’s steamer trunk being lost or stolen in 1940, en route from Key West, Florida to Ketchum, Idaho, where the writer was staying at Sun Valley Lodge. Hemingway eventually committed suicide while staying at his hunting camp in Ketchum.

The trunk was reputed to contain all of the author’s high-end fly fishing gear, including custom-built, American bamboo rods and reels from England’s venerable House of Hardy — and maybe, just maybe — a manuscript.


麦凯宫并没有考虑任何创造性的东西,直到几年后,他的妻子盖尔,说服他在西北怀俄明州设立了一部小说;在哪里,作为命运将拥有它,海明威花了五个夏天和秋天的钓鱼,狩猎和写作作为L Bar T Guest Ranch的客人。

作为他研究的一部分,McCafferty在20世纪50年代在20世纪50年代而在20世纪50年代在20世纪50年代讲述了杰克的儿子帕特里克和Valerie Hemingway的细节。



当一个女人在山上的春天暴风雪中失踪时,这个故事开始。她在Sheriff Martha Ettinger和她再次发现了一只熊的Den,再次of-off-of Sean Shanahan,野生动物艺术家和捕鱼指南是私人调查员。在死女人的马的潘尼尔,他们发现了一只古老的鳟鱼苍蝇的皮革钱包,刻有最初的eh。


谋杀案是其他谋杀案,更不用说怀疑的自杀,在血液和泪水的痕迹上,最终导致海明威丢失的树干。一路上,我们陪同Stranahan当他从蒙大拿州麦迪逊河到密歇根州的传说中的Au Bable河流,最后到了古巴。

当然,每站都有魅力的女性,除了竹竿制造商Pinky Gillum,传说中的钓鱼者A.j.麦克兰和哈迪屋。这是一个名副其实的旋转器,适用于扶手椅钓鱼者,他们喜欢在一个良好的谜团上铸造他们的线条。





很明显,麦凯宫已经开发了对海明威的评估,他通过小说中的一个角色表达 - 美国和西班牙文学的退休教授,他对爸爸进行了不可思议的相似之处。

Here are his considered and perspicacious observations — of which I happen to agree full heartedly:


Today, psychologists might argue that his mood swings were governed by bipolar disorder, and it’s been postulated that his bouts of paranoia and occasional grandiose delusions indicate schizophrenia. I would argue that the brain damage he suffered in an airplane crash in Africa was just as crippling to his work. Would he have written more, or written well longer, if he hadn’t drunk to excess, or if he’d remained with his first wife, Hadley, had her steadying influence and not been seduced by the fiesta lifestyle foisted on him by the rich? We’ll never know. But I believe his accomplishments are remarkable given his physical and mental challenges. We must always judge the whole man, not one plucked from a moment in history.


This summer冷酷的河流加入出版的三重奏新的传记 -Ernest Hemingway: A Biographyby Mary V. Dearborn (the author’s first female biographer);Ernest Hemingway: A New Life由詹姆斯米·哈西森;作家,水手,士兵,间谍:Ernest Hemingway的秘密冒险,1935-1961by Nicholas Reynolds. There’s also a revised and updated story collection,Ernest Hemingway的短篇小说:Hemingway Library Edition那edited with introduction by Sean Hemingway and foreword by Patrick Hemingway.

救护车司机,which examines the friendship of Hemingway and John Dos Passos, by James McGrath Morris, was published this spring along with Andrew Farah’s海明威的大脑(第一个传记将法医心理学hiatric examination) and Lesley M.M. Blume’s每个人都表现得很糟糕:太阳的杰作背后的真实故事也上升了

The writer remains a flourishing academic cottage industry. Michael Reynolds’ five-volume biography, completed between 1986 and 1999, set the standard and has yet to be surpassed. Meanwhile,海明威,肉体主义者,Adam Gopnik在2017年7月3日的文章问题纽约人recalls Lillian Ross’s classic 1950s essayErnest Hemingway Visits New York.

Sadly Hemingway ceased fly fishing after his gear went missing. I like to think a broken heart made that一个真正的演员of fur & feather impossible.

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